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Re: [KAHLE@Aquinas.Think.COM: defstruct request for common lisp]

    What limitation are you talking about?  Structure slot names
    are also the names of functions, which can be FUNCALLed.  Thus, one
    could write

    (defun show-structure-slots (structure)
      (dolist (slot (structure-slots (type-of structure)))
        (format t "~A: ~S" slot (funcall slot structure))))

Mea culpa for reading too literally. I was (narrowly) thinking of the
semantics of STRUCTURE-SLOTS as returning slot NAMES, which would be of
very little use. Your interpretation could be better called
STRUCTURE-ACCESSORS and its output is truly useful. From that point of
view Kahle's request makes a lot more sense...

					Pablo Ghenis