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destructuring in macrolet?

    Date: Fri, 13 Nov 87 18:36 EST
    From: Don Morrison <dfm@jasper.palladian.com>

    The language on page 146 of CLtL clearly implies that macrolet does not support
    defmacro-style arglist destructuring:

	Defmacro, unlike any other COMMON LISP construct that has a lambda-list as
	part of its syntax, provides an additional facility known as destructuring.

According to the definition of MACROLET on page 113, it doesn't take a
lambda-list, it takes a "varlist".  And at the top of page 114 it says
"MACROLET ... defines local macros, using the same format used by
DEFMACRO."  I interpret that to mean that since DEFMACRO destructures,
so does MACROLET.