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extending DEFSTRUCT

    Date: 25 Oct 1987 08:47-EST 
    From: Rick.Busdiecker@H.GP.CS.CMU.EDU

    Is there really a standard for #<> notation?  If so, what is it and
    where is it defined?  If not, perhaps we should define a default #<>
    notation such as #<name-of-structure-type>.

If you do, you probably should make it #<name-of-structure-type NNN> where NNN is an integer (decimal?) such
that two eq structures always have the same number, and two not eq structures don't.  I believe this corresponds
pretty closely to current practice for those implementations that do support such a beast.  The major
difference, I believe, is that often NNN is currently an address that can change over time; it would probably be
cleaner for eq structures to always print the same, no matter how manner GCs have intervened.  Since the hash or
whatever it is you'd stick there would only need to be computed if you're printing the thing, I suspect it
wouldn't add any serious overhead to structures that's not already there to support eq hash tables.