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Re: extending DEFSTRUCT

    Date: Mon, 26 Oct 87  10:21:42 EST
    From: "Daniel L. Cerys" <Cerys@XX.LCS.MIT.EDU>

    > Kerns:
    > 	When *PRINT-STRUCTURE* in NIL:
    > I think a slightly better name is *PRINT-STRUCTURE-CONTENTS*.
    > (We've had this for a couple years).

    I agree on the utility of this variable, but not on its name.  Since
    *PRINT-ARRAY* determines whether the contents of arrays are printed, a
    variable named *PRINT-STRUCTURE* should do the same for structures.
    Using *PRINT-STRUCTURE-CONTENTS* wouldn't be as clear.

Don't you think that what that really indicates is that the name
*PRINT-ARRAY* was poorly chosen and is not as clear?  If you look
through the list of printer flags on CLtL pp.370-373, *print-array*
is the only one that doesn't connote very well what it does, to my
ear.  It's as if someone thought it was more important to make all
the names exactly two words long.