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Re: macrolet/flet/labels

	Date: 24 Oct 87 18:57 PDT
	From: David Bein <pyrnj!pyramid!bein@RUTGERS.EDU>

	  What is the current consensus about using a name
	within a macrolet/flet/labels construct which
	is a special form? I am cleaning things up this
	way and it occurred to me that things could go
	either way.

I am of the opinion that the names of the special forms are really
reserved words and that you cannot redefine them even lexically.  Thus,
none of the names of special forms can be used as the defined-name in
flet, labels, or macrolet.

I can't imagine a case in which this could be anything but extremely
confusing to a program reader nor can I think of any reason why it might
be useful.