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[boyer@rascal.ics.utexas.edu: CLTL]

We can all feel good about a comment like this:

     Date: Mon, 12 Oct 87 09:06:54 CDT
     From: boyer@rascal.ics.utexas.edu (Bob Boyer)

     I want to express to you my great gratitude for your having put
     together CLTL.  J Moore and I have recently finished converting our
     theorem-prover from a Franz/Zetalisp/Maclisp/PSL version to Common
     Lisp.  The converted code now runs with absolutely no operating system
     or dialect dependencies under Symbolics Common Lisp, Kyoto Common
     Lisp, and Lucid Common Lisp.  And I half suspect that it might still
     run on those systems a decade from now.  How wonderful to be relieved
     of the dread that every few months a new "release" of whatever Lisp I
     was using would break my code!

     The only incompatibility between the three Lisps we encountered was
     about the meanings of the "put in seven extremely random user
     interface commands", which we just decided to avoid completely.

This last paragraph seemed quite timely, apropos of the current
discussion about REQUIRE.