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compile-time actions & top-level forms (long)

    Date: Thu, 8 Oct 87 11:27:49 MDT
    From: sandra%orion@cs.utah.edu (Sandra J Loosemore)

    As a separate but related issue, I'd also like to see a DEF<something>
    form defined to replace the magical compile-time behavior of the
    package functions. 

I don't know or remember why the Common Lisp committee would not accept
DEFPACKAGE.  It seems simple and obvious to me.  In Symbolics Common Lisp,
it accepts the same arguments as MAKE-PACKAGE, except for the obvious syntactic
differences between a macro and a function, namely that nothing is evaluated
and that a keyword and its associated arguments are enclosed in parentheses
(like defstruct-options).  In SCL, the arguments to MAKE-PACKAGE are
	   IMPORT-FROM relative-names relative-names-for-me SIZE EXTERNAL-ONLY
	   new-symbol-function hash-inherited-symbols invisible colon-mode
	   prefix-intern-function include)
The arguments in lower case are features that probably don't exist in
straight Common Lisp.

I agree with all your other suggestions.