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CLOS Consortium

CLOS Consortium

Lucid is currently pursuing the establishment of a consortium to do a
high-performance implementation of the Common Lisp Object System.

The suggested organization for this consortium is the following: Each
member company is to supply either programmers or money, and the
consortium will select a group of individuals to do the implementation
(in the case that more programmers are offered than needed).  It is
likely that the current PCL will become the seed for this
implementation.  No restrictions will exist as to which companies may
become members of the consortium, and we expect that the implementors
would be from various companies.  The result will be a set of sources
either in the public domain or owned by the member companies.

Lucid offers to contribute at least one highly-talented programmer and
the organization for the program.

A mechanism should also be established to handle companies who want to
join the consortium at a later date.

We will be holding an organizational meeting during X3J13 next week
for anyone who may be interested in participating.  This meeting is
scheduled for Tuesday, March 15, 8:00p.m., at Hyatt Rickeys,
4219 El Camino Real, Palo Alto.

If you are interested in joining and cannot make the meeting, 
please let me know.

Linda DeMichiel
Lucid, Inc.