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Re: the KEYWORD package USEing another package

    Date: Mon, 29 Feb 88 23:08 CST
    From: David Vinayak Wallace <Gumby@MCC.COM>
    Yes there is a problem: you could cause a symbol to be available as a
    keyword whose value was not the keyword.  E.g:
1	(setf user::keyword-example nil) ==> nil
2	(export 'user::keyword-example) ==> t
3	user:keyword-example ==> nil
4	(use-package '(user) (find-package 'keyword)) ==> t
5	:keyword-example ==> nil
What makes you think that reading and evaluating :keyword-example
results in NIL?  Pg 175: "Any symbol preceded by a colon but no
package name ... is added to (or looked up in) the KEYWORD package as
an EXTERNAL symbol."  After form 4, user:keyword-example is accessible
only as an INTERNAL symbol in the KEYWORD package.  Therefore,
according to my interpretation of the preceding quote, whatever
mechanism "looks up" keyword::keyword-example (aka
user:keyword-example) would EXPORT it from the KEYWORD package,
thereby making it PRESENT in the KEYWORD package, and thereby causing
it to become a constant whose value is itself (all on pg 175).  Thus
the value of form 5 would be printed as :keyword-example.
-- Nick