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Re: Order of arguments to sequence :TEST functions

| Here's a quick test/poll.  Without using the -IF or -IF-NOT functions, 
|  - Remove all elements of a sequence which are less than 3.
|  - Find the first element of a sequence which is more than 3.
| My "intuition" for coding this gives the wrong answers.
| I know this doesn't show anything about language design.

Counterquestion: Why is it so important to do this `[w]ithout using
the -IF or -IF-NOT functions'?  My first reaction is
             (remove-if #'(lambda (elt) (< elt 3)) seq)

Cesar Quiroz
PS.  "`Straightedge and Compass' is no more powerful than `Compass
alone'" [Mascheroni?  Steiner?  Both?  Sigh, I don't remember anymore].
Interesting, but both alternatives are much less useful than a
decent plotter. :-)