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the KEYWORD package ...

    Date: 24 Feb 1988 19:20-PST
    From: David Bein <pyrnj!pyramid!bein@rutgers.edu>

    (1) Anytime a symbol's home package is set to the keyword package,
	the symbol is keywordized destroying any previous value.

I think it should be an error to import something into the keyword
package.  Yes, this makes the keyword package more magic than it already
is.  That's perfectly OK with me unless I hear a good answer to this

What programming model are you using that suggests you want to do
something like this?

    (2) It should be an error for the keyword package to use (or be used by)
	another package.

I agree.

    (3) It should be an error to import a symbol into the keyword package
	which already has another home package.

See (1).