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Re: Question about declaration

| I think the type specifier for the function FOO is supposed to be
| This is because the type specifier following &REST is supposed to declare
| the type of all the remaining arguments/values.  You won't find this in CLtL,
| but I have it marked in my copy as a proposed clarification in Guy Steele's
| list.

The clarification would be most valuable.  As it stands now, I read
your declaration as saying `... and the type of the &REST argument
is T', when we probably want to say `... list of T', although the
latter cannot be uttered in the type calculus of Common Lisp.

I remember there used to be a file ftpable from somewhere, which
contained authoritative errata and clarifications.  Does it still

Cesar Augusto  Quiroz Gonzalez

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