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Symbolics DRIBBLE compatibility?

I am wondering about the compatibility of Symbolics's implementation of
DRIBBLE with CLtL.  According to the Symbolics documentation (page 680
of Volume 2A of the Encyclopedia Symbolicorum), they believe that they
are compatible.

The way the Symbolics (DRIBBLE pathname) works is that it binds
*STANDRD-INPUT, *STANDARD-OUTPUT*, etc. to the dribble stream and then
calls the Lisp read-eval-print loop.  It also sets up a catch-tag.
(DRIBBLE) throws to the tag, and appropriate unwind-protects close the
dribble stream.

What does this mean as far as compatibility is concerned?  Consider the
following form:

(progn (dribble "filename")
       (print 'foo)