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 (1) (b) is the right thing.  (c) is okay for now if we can't get agreement.
     (a) Still looks needlessly complex to me, though I could swallow it
     with a few simplifications and the elimination of the locative
     pointer business.  (MOON) is wrong-headed and unacceptable.

 (2) To me, the purpose of the asterisks is to flag those variables that
     are "property of Lisp" so that the user doesn't accidentally
     blunder into them.  I don't need to be reminded which things it
     makes sense to bind, once I see that the variable is part of the
     Lisp system, since that is obvious from the name of the variable.
     I could live with the opposite decision, to have no stars on Lisp
     constants, but would really hate to see them sprout additional