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4) :ERROR, :SET-DEFAULT-PATHNAME options to LOAD should be rationalized with
OPEN; the handling here of search paths should logically be handled by passing
on some of the options from LOAD to OPEN rather than having LOAD do special
path-name processing. This is because users who manipulate files want to do
similar hacking, and the mechanism should be common. 

6) I feel strongly that the white pages SHOULD include a LOOP construct.
I care less about which one, but I like most of Moon's proposal better than DO
and what I saw of LetS. I'd get rid of AND and ELSE. I don't understand
if the "COLLECT" lexical scoping includes scoping under macro expansion.

9) this seems right but not quite fully specified, e.g. LAMBDA-MACRO 

25) spec here not consistent with MACROEXPAND proposal