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ZVONA: ~xxxxxnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Date: Tuesday, 5 October 1982  08:32-EDT
    From: ZVONA



    Dick Waters' LetS, which he will release imminently, is far superior
    to LOOP.  Unlike LOOP, which is basically a hack, it is based on a
    strong theory of what loops really are and what their structure is.
    Basically it is a compiler which takes code written in terms of
    streams and compiles it into efficient iterative code.

Well I think we should flush DO from Common Lisp because in spite of its
utility, it is not "based on a strong theory of what loops really are".

Seriously, I doubt very much that LetS will totally replace LOOP among the
tools I use any more than LOOP replaced DO.  I am sick to death of knee-jerk
anti-LOOPism and I am beginning to irrationally regard it as a plot to disable
me as a programmer by excommunicating my most useful tools.