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Suggestion: Now that :TYPE to MAKE-ARRAY is :ELEMENT-TYPE,
shouldn't ARRAY-TYPE be ARRAY-ELEMENT-TYPE?  Or perhaps just
ELEMENT-TYPE, in which case it would work for any sequence?  Not
clear that the concept is very useful for generalized sequences
(e.g. ELEMENT-TYPE of a cons would always be T), though it might
find some use in writing new sequence functions.

Question 1: was ARRAY-RESET-FILL-POINTER eliminated by the decision
at the last meeting to use SETF exclusively?  I.e. is it subsumed

Question 2: I'm not sure what resulted from the displaced array
discussion.  My memory tells me that every proposed use of
displaced arrays was countered with an appropriate access
function.  Has anyone a proposed set of new access functions?
Or are even these deemed unnecessary?