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MAKE as a new name for SETF (gasp!)

Although there was already a round of mail on the subject of changing the name
of SETF (to SET), I am re-suggesting that the name of SETF be changed.  The
two arguments against the name change were
	1) The time-honored SET would be clobbered, and
	2) A name change at this point would be absurd, since
	   there are many other badly-named things in the
To the first, I suggest a new name, MAKE.  This not only enchances the clarity
of code (e.g. (MAKE (SPACE-SHIP-SPEED ENTERPRISE) 'WARP-7)), but frees us from
having to explain yet another bad choice of names to the next generation of
LISPers.  This brings us to the second point: that of changing a name at this
stage of the game.  Because this point has received so much discussion, and
because SETF will now appear so prominently in every program, it is clear that
this particular name change deserves some thought.  I urge you to think one
more time before closing the issue forever.