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Source code analysis tools

Recently there have been some renewed inquiries about the source code
analysis tools I wrote five years ago.  I've reconstructed these as best
I was able and placed them in the files referenced in the header of
this message.  These files can be retrieved by anonymous FTP.

These tools are freely available to anyone and can be used for any
purpose.  For example, Symbolics have incorporated an improved version
of the tools into their product.  You can port these into any Common
Lisp that has LOOP if you tweak a few things.  They are missing full
support for lexical scoping (principally FLET) and stylistically suffer
from excessive attention to minimization of consing.  However they may
be useful as a guidepost or as a source of ideas.  Certainly the
interface is more worthwhile than the implementation.

I regret that I cannot provide any support or documentation (beyond what
is included in the files themselves) for these tools.  They are provided
as-is and I have not even tested them.  I'll answer a reasonable number
of questions, if sent by electronic mail, as best I can.