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CLOS questions, PCL version

    Sorry to bother you. But i did not yet get any responses from mailings
to Gregor.pa and CommonLoops-Coordinator.pa. I have seen your address on a
posting to the Scheme mailing list.

    I need information on the Common Lisp Object System (CLOS) and on the
Portable Common LOOPS (PCL) implementation:

  - documents on the CLOS standard in general
  - information on PCL, particularly how to define meta classes

The PCL version i have is 5/22/87, delivered with DEC VAX-Lisp. Since i am
on Bitnet i do not have ftp access to the pcl directories at parcvax. I need
somebody who send new versions of the files via mail to me.

    Please help me,
         Hubert Hofbauer <K311770@AEARN.BITNET> or if this does not work

PS.: If Common-Lisp is a public mailing list, i would like to subscribe.
! Hubert Hofbauer                               ! K311770@AEARN.BITNET  !
! Research Institute for Symbolic Computation   ! RISC                  !
! Johannes-Kepler-Universitaet Linz             ! JKU Linz              !
! A-4040 Linz                                   ! Austria / Europe      !