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Call for publishable code!

I am the editor of the new Algorithms department of the international
newsletter/journal Lisp Pointers.  The department is intended to cater to the
perceived preferences of most Lisp hackers: they'd rather write code than
articles.  The articles in the department therefore fall into one or more of the
following three broad categories:

-- Annotated implementations of interesting and relevant algorithms that make
particularly good or novel use of the unique features of the Lisp family of
programming languages (e.g., closures, continuations, code as data,

-- Annotated implementations of algorithms whose subject matter is the Lisp
family of languages (e.g., code analysis tools, iteration facilities, generic
arithmetic), and

-- Discussion of performance issues, benchmarking, or implementation experiences
for interesting algorithms written in or about the Lisp family of languages.

I am continually looking for ideas for appropriate articles for the department.
If you've got a nice hack you're proud of, or a particularly elegant piece of
code (you know, the kind that you call in one of your fellow hackers to see) and
you'd like to see it written up in the Algorithms department, please send it
along.  What you give me doesn't have to be polished or even contain any prose;
if I agree that it's appropriate for the column, I'll work with you to put
together an article around it.

Hoping to hear from you,

	Pavel Curtis
	3333 Coyote Hill Rd.
	Palo Alto, CA  94304
	(415) 494-4455