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    Date: Tue, 10 May 88 14:02:42 PDT
    From: Jon L White <edsel!jonl@labrea.stanford.edu>

    X3J13 is considering a proposal to require the setting of *package* to be
    the KEYWORD package during the scope of reading the forms under a #+ or a 
    #-.  This will tend to give the appearance of "namestring" comparison rather
    than EQ only because, for example,  #+LUCID  will be read in the feature as
    :LUCID, and the search on *features* will be for that symbol.  The X3J13 
    proposal would permit reading in feature names like #+MACSYMA:HYPERLINEAR,
    in which case the member test would be with the symbol MACSYMA:HYPERLINEAR.

What do you do if you encounter #+nasa:hyperdrive but you don't have the
nasa package defined?