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[portable pathname formats] visible hash tables

re: Well, just today I heard a user ask a CMU-CL implementor
    about having Lucid CL on a Sun talk to CMU-CL on an RT.  Among other
    things, these two Lisps share the same network file system, and so
    passing pathnames back and forth is a sensible thing...)

Symbolics has something like"logical pathnames"; I'm not familiar enough with
it to comment on whether or not that approach is satisfactory.  Are you?

Although this issue is a bit off the direction of printing random structure
like things, it is still a very important one, especially as multi-vendor
networks spring up.  See Mar 88 issue of CACM with articles on heterogeneous
network/operating systems.

-- JonL --

P.S. Glad to see someone else hacking at "3:39 AM"!