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L&FP Transportation

For those of you arriving at the Salt Lake International Airport and
wanting transportation to Snowbird, here is the information.

Canyon Transportation has van service between the airport and
Snowbird.  The charge is $10 per person, unless you are the only
person in the van, in which case the charge will be $20.  They are
planning to be at the airport between 10 am and 10 pm on Saturday the
23rd and the same hours on Sunday the 24th.  Look for ground
transportation after you claim your baggage and you should find them.
They may be stationed inside the airport near the baggage claim, or
outside at the curb.

If you need to make special arrangements with them, particularily,
outside of the 10am to 10pm hours, you may call them at the following


You can also take a taxi, but that will cost around $40.