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(Not Necessarily Common) LISP Implementation

(Hopefully)Gentle Readers,
	I recently requested information from the readers of the
AIList mailing list about implementations of LISP that do not
rely (in some way) on a LISP interpreter and now wish to request
the same of those readers of the Common LISP mailing list as well.
I realize that this question is not really about Common LISP but
I also realize the depth and breadth of the LISP experience of the
readers of this list.

	From the initial repsonses to my question, I understand
that I probably did not phrase my question in the best possible way.
When I refer to a LISP interpreter, I refer not to the evaluator alone
but to the program that includes the evaluator, memory manager, reader,
printer and other such; perhaps I should call this a LISP "environmental
support program". ("Virtual machine" came to mind but was discarded as
another multiply-interpretable phrase.)

	To attempt to find a Common LISP connection in all of this,
let me recast my question my question in terms of compiling LISP
(which I understand was a central concern of the Common LISP movement):

Does anyone have any experience with an implementation of LISP which
uses a C/Fortran compiler/link-with-external-runtime-library scheme
instead of interpret-or-compile-and-run-within-the-environmental-support-

Please reply directly to me and I will summarize anything of interest
to the list


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