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Re: backquote

    Date: Thu, 10 Nov 88 16:46:32 -0800
    From: "Stephen P. Smith" <ssmith@ruffles.nrtc.northrop.com>
    From your question about the CLtL reference on page 350: It was
    also never clear to me without lots of experimentation what
    such constructs as ,',@ should do either (or that they were 
    really allowed).

Well, ,',@X is basically nonsense, unless you KNOW that X is exactly
one element long.  Otherwise you're passing the wrong number of
arguments to the QUOTE special form.  If you thin kyou want ,',@, you
probably want ,@',X.

One way to look at ,@',X and ,',X is that these evaluate the X from the
OUTER backquote's context.  Remember, the outer one is actually BUILDING
the inner one.  The inner one being built is then "commafying" a quoted