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    Date: Thu, 10 Nov 88 22:17:57 PST
    From: Jon L White <jonl@lucid.com>

    re: However, in implementations (such as the Symbolics implementation) which
	support ",,@" as meaning "map , across the result of the first result, I
	might sometimes write: [... a little test case ...]

    Lucid Common Lisp supports ",,@" as meaning just exactly what CLtL pages
    349-350 describe it to be.  And indeed LCL comes up the same results for
    your little test case.

    Yes, I too have carped a bit about having yet another inscrutable meta-
    language for describing backquote [I think that is the source of DonC's
    complaint -- it's hard to understand CLtL pp349-50].  But Guy Steele has 
    always managed to convince me that, for any given example, the rules on
    pp349-50 are consistent with the generally perceived notion of how 
    backquote should work.  [By the bye, ask Quux about his favorite
    little doubly-nested backquote example; as far as I know, it doesn't
    even parse in the Genera reader.]

Could you forward this doubly nested example to me, so that the Genera
reader >will< be able to parse it in future releases?

    -- JonL --