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Re: Common Lisp: The Reference

All the replies to my original question about this book were of the
sort "If you hear anything, I'd be interested too", so it was pretty
nice that Franz sent us a review copy of CLtR along with the review
copy of Allegro that we ordered.  CLtR is exactly that, a reference to
CL.  No new insights to the language, no programmers tips or style
issues, just an alphabetic listing of every function in the language, it's
arguments and usage, and some examples of it.  I'm not putting it down
by this, it does a very good job of being a reference to the language,
and I think I'm gonna get a copy to put on my shelf.  It's kinda like
the Glossary section of Cherniak et al's _AI Programming_, except
every single function/whatever is documented, even all the various
read macros.  Nutshell review:  If you know CL inside and out, then
you probably don't need this.  However, if you would like a real
language reference, then it's a nice beast to have, and makes a good
companion to Steele.


Arun Welch
Lisp Systems Programmer, Lab for AI Research, Ohio State University