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1989 conference on Lisp and History of Lisp -- advance notice


In recognition of the 30th birthday of the Lisp programming language,
the ACM is sponsoring a special conference on Lisp and the history of
Lisp, to be held at MIT, November 28 through December 1 1989.

Part of the conference will deal with technical issues of current
interest to the Lisp community (similar to Lisp presentations at the
Lisp and Functional Programming conferences).  There also be sessions
devoted to historical papers, evolution of Lisp implementation
technology, perspectives on the past and future of Lisp, and so on.
A formal call for abstracts (which will be due next May) will appear
in a few months.

In the meantime we wanted to solicit your advice about appropriate
special events for this conference.  For example, people have
suggested presenting awards for distinguished contributions to Lisp.
Are there particular panel discussions you would like to see?  Or
other events you think would be appropriate for a birthday

Please mail us your suggestions.

For the program committee:

Dick Gabriel
Guy Steele
Jan Zubkoff
Hal Abelson

send suggestions to 

Hal Abelson
545 Technology Square
Cambridge, MA 02129