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(eq #'eq #'eq) (reply to Jeff Dalton)

If SYMBOL-FUNCTION "returns the autoloader function", then (eq f #'eq)
...actually, this works out, but very peculiarly.
If EQ hasn't been autoloaded yet, and #'eq returns the eq-autoloader,
then f cannot be #'eq because the act of binding f to #'eq would have
invoked the autoloader to load the real #'eq.  On the other hand, if
f IS #'eq, then f must be EQ to #'eq because #'eq will necessarily
return the already-autoloaded-by-binding-f #'eq.  Simple, no?
I still don't consider this fortuitous setup to justify your point,
though.  Autoloading isn't the only rationale in any case.  COnsider
a system with multiple copies of the same function (perhaps liked into
several modules, or compiler-generated as quasi-inline minisubrs, or