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Re: Named lambdas

My reading of what you say is that, as far as the semantics of what is
accessible from common-lisp functions, the name in NAMED-LAMBDA is just 
commentary? You say how NAMED-LAMBDA is used, but not what it means.

I don't quite understand about interpreted DEFUNs. Do you mean


that the debugger will show FUM on the stack? There's nothing so far in common
lisp which had led me to believe that if you said

(DEFUN FOO (A B C) --) 

that the debugger COULDN'T tell that you were inside FOO; I don't believe
such enforced brain-damage should be in the spec for Common-Lisp.

Also: does NAMED-LAMBDA have a different meaning for compiled & interpreted code?
I.e., they get thrown away when you interpret?