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Testing, one two...


    Date: 6 May 1983 15:42 EDT
    From: Richard P. Gabriel <RPG at MIT-MC>
    To:   common-lisp at SU-AI
    Received: from SU-SCORE by CMU-CS-C (with SMTP); 6 May 83 16:00:30 EDT
    Received: from SAIL by SCORE with Pup; Fri 6 May 83 13:02:03-PDT
    Received: from RANDOM-PLACE by SU-AI with TCP/SMTP; 6 May 83  12:57:17 PDT
    Received: from MIT-MC by USC-ECL; Fri 6 May 83 12:53:53-PDT

    This is a second test of the Common Lisp mailing list. If you
    receive this message, send a message to RPG@SAIL stating you got message
    number 2. Thanks.

Receiving loud and clear.