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Ballot proposal

This is the first piece of Common-Lisp mail I've gotten since
early December. I assume it is a joke. Has there been any
serious mail in the last three months?

More suitable for a white pages discussion are functions
which are difficult to write using current primitives.

We've been trying to follow the rule that, when adding things
to Interlisp, we should try to follow Common Lisp if the
same functionality exists in Common Lisp. So far, the three
or four times I've looked for something, I've been unable
to find anything suitable. This might lead one to believe
that the white pages might be woefully incomplete as a 
sufficient base to build a machine independent environment
which is written only in terms of white-pages primitives.

The things we were looking for (rather simple): a simple
way of taking a list of strings and turning it into
a single string of the list concatenated. Primitives for
dealing with time-intervals, e.g., give me a designator
for a time three hours from now. Simple ways of dealing
with file access paths, file versions.