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    Date: 1-Dec-82 11:12:16-PST (Wed)
    From: Kim.fateman@Berkeley
    Awrighty, we've settled y^0=1.  
I don't understand what you mean by this.  As far as I am concerned, we
have not necessarily settled on this; I think it might be a mistake to do so.
				    If you want to worry about these things, 
    you have + and - infinity, in the IEEE arithmetic.
Some implementations of Common Lisp will not have IEEE arithmetic, but
they will all have zero.  Even if we don't define all those weird
infinity cases, we should try to do the right thing for zeroes.  If you
are trying to tell me that I'm not allowed to discuss zeroes unless I
compose an entire essay on infinities, accuracy rules, and so on, I