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Tried to send this out earlier, but lost because of incompatible
mail-address protocols.  Trying again...


OK, given your clarifications, I guess I am almost completely happy with
all the changes you propose.  I'm still a little unclear on how the
error-cheking in declare-package would be handled when a package is loaded
from multiple files (as the LISP package would be, for instance), but I
will review your note carefully and see if I can figure out something

I have a feeling that some of this emphasis on error checking is a
slight over-reaction to your experience with the old LispM package
system, which sometimes does seem like it's out to screw people in all
possible ways.  But given that Common Lisp will eventually be used by
all sorts of non-sophisticated users who would be totally mystified by a
package bug (now you see it, now you don't), I guess we'd better lean
way over in the direction of safety.  I yield to the voice of first-hand

While I'm on this theme, I withdraw my earlier suggestion that we flush
&allow-other-keywords.  Temporary insanity, the result of over-work.

I will put all these changes in tonight, unless you think it would go
quicker (fewer additional iterations) if you did the next edit.  Let me
know what you think will be easiest all around.  If I don't hear from
you by tonight, I'll do it.

-- Scott