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2nd ballot

A1. Yes
A2. Yes
A3. c or b
A4. Yes
A5. Yes
A6. wait
A7. Yes
A8 [Lists with car eq lambda are functions]. Yes, there is no point in forcing
    an implementation to do this as it is unnecessary in writing portable
    Common Lisp programs.  I'm not even sure that these are of any use at all;
    no one defended lists as functions when their removal was suggested in the
    mailing list months ago, which is why I asked for it to be on the ballot.
A9. No
A10 [Add optional integer argument to MAKE-RANDOM-STATE]. No.  The statement
     in the ballot is incorrect -- according to the laser edition,
     (MAKE-RANDOM-STATE T) gets you a new state object "that has been `randomly'
     initialized by some means (such as by a time-of-day clock)."
A11. Yes
A12. No opinion.
A13. Yes
A14. Yes
A15. I agree with BSG.
A16. Wouldn't it be better to rename MACRO-P to MACRO-FUNCTION and then
     (MACRO-FUNCTION <symbol>) would get you the function, and
     (SETF (MACRO-FUNCTION <symbol>) #'(LAMBDA ...)) would set it?
     However, I seem to remember that Moon had objections to having
     MACRO-P return a function; was that resolved before the laser
     edition went out, or is the laser edition out-of-date on this?
A17. Yes