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Memorial Day Ballot

   Certainly both both forms of time are needed.  The whole set
   of time functions needs improving.  I'll send another message
4. [white page macros expand into implementation-independent code]
   I am in favor of this.  I am also in favor of adding enough
   functionality to Common Lisp to make this possible.  I don't
   think the language is currently portable enough.
   I am strongly in favor of a PROCLAIM function.  A PROCLAIM
   special form is not useful.
    I am strongly in favor of this.
12. [:NAMED]
    How about :NAMED-TYPE or :TYPE-NAME?
13. [*IBASE*]
    Yes, but rename it *READ-BASE*.
15. [renaming i/o variables etc.]
20. [APROPOS, PPRINT return value]
    0 values sounds good to me.
21. [package for features]
    I prefer allowing feature variables to be in any package, and
    to be read normally.