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Memorial Day Ballot

1.  Y
2.  Y
3.  Y; with unit keywords (eg. microseconds)
4.  Y
5.  Y
6.  no opinion
7.  Y
8.  Y (shudder)
9.  Y
10. Y (It seems a shame to make "simple" denote "any lisp object but no
       bells and whistles"; however, I don't have a better idea other than
       equating "vector" with "no bells and whistles".  Sigh.)
11. Y
12. Y
13. Y
14. recursive-p version
15. Y
16. no opinion
17. Y
18. Y (I detest losing input case information; but agree that symbols' halves
       should be treated the same.  Note that I did not say I wanted case
19. no opinion
20. Y
21. no opinion