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Since we all believe that exporting from a used package is a debugging
operation, there should definitely be something in the package chapter
that makes this clear -- "finished" systems should not screw around
with export lists after a package has been used.

A second suggestion is that we leave the results of messing around with
the implementation internals of a common lisp dialect up to that dialect,
in this case by not specifying the exact behavior when export lists
are changed after a package has been used (although maybe the manual
should allude to the existence of mechanisms for dealing with this sort
of operation).  This will allow room to experiment, in order to find the
best behavior when export lists are diddled, and to find more efficient
implementations of INTERN.

I fully support the notion that individual implementations should be
aware of the need for changing export lists for debugging and patching --
but it shouldn't be a part of common lisp.

Except for this issue, I'm happy with the current proposal.