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One last diddle to my error proposal

    Date: Tue, 24 May 1983  12:09 EDT
    From: Scott E. Fahlman <Fahlman@CMU-CS-C>
    I don't feel passionately about this switch, 
[switch of the order of the first two arguments to CERROR]
						 but to me it seems much more
    intuitive to have the "error message" string come before the "and if you
    proceed" string.  They will presumably appear in the original order in
    the error dialogue.  I bet if we switch it, lots of users will get burned
    the first few times they use it.

This could be a problem, and indeed that's the reasoning I followed
originally that caused me to put the continue-message string first.  On
the other hand, since it's called "C ERROR" the "C" part should come
before the "ERROR" part.  We can't win.

    You don't say why you want to make the switch -- just so it looks more
    like ERROR if you cover up the function name and the first arg?

Exactly.  Now, the reason why that is important will not appear until Common
Lisp has conditions.  I'm not going to send out a proposal for conditions
until after the first edition of the manual is out, to avoid distraction
from more important things.  But I'm thinking about it a little.