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Alphabetic case in package names

    Date: Monday, 23 May 1983, 16:39-PDT
    ...Instead, I
    suggest leaving out any mention of retention of case, since the same issues
    apply here as in the case of symbols.
Not so.  Symbols are created implicitly, on first reference.  Packages are
created explicitly, with MAKE-PACKAGE (or whatever it's called now).  Except
this isn't completely true, since if you use IN-PACKAGE (or whatever it's called now)
you don't know whether you are creating a package or adding to an existing package.
Also, for historical reasons, and perhaps even good reasons, you are allowed
to have distinct symbols A and |a|.  I see no good reason to allow anything of
the sort for packages.

Presumably the intention is that the casification of the "name" argument to MAKE-PACKAGE
and IN-PACKAGE is remembered the first time it is seen, and given back to you by
PACKAGE-NAME, by the printed representation of the package, when the package appears
as a prefix in a qualified name, and by whatever user-interface things talk about
packages (they get it from PACKAGE-NAME).

It may turn out that in practice it looks better for the casification of package
prefixes in qualified names to be controlled by *PRINCASE* rather than to reflect
the way it was originally written.