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Last call for nits

I have changed the language of the package proposal slightly to
incorporate most of KMP's suggestions on wording.  None of this changes
anything substantive in the proposal.  I will spare the ARPANET mail
servers another moby transmission of the whole thing -- if anyone wants
to look at the changes, they're on CMUC as <fahlman.slisp>package.mss.

The latest proposal has been out almost a week and nobody has complained
about anything substantive.  If I hear no objections within the next 24
hours, I will turn this over to Guy for inclusion in the manual (once he
has converted it to a stylistically consistent form) and we can chalk up
one more small victory for Federalism.

Though I was a bit overwhelmed by the volume of criticism that came in,
I think that the discussion was a healthy one and that the result is a
much better package system than we would have had without this process.
Thanks to all who participated.

-- Scott