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more misc. stuff

    Date:    Wed, 6 Jul 83 14:10:00 EDT
    From:    Jonathan Rees <Rees@YALE.ARPA>

    [8] Page 77: be careful about the use of the term "predicate".  It has
    "traditionally" been used in two different ways - to mean a function
    which returns a truth value, and to mean an expression which computes a
    truth value.  The CL manual elsewhere suggests the term "test" for the
    second concept.  So in the descriptions of IF, WHEN, and UNLESS, use
    "test" instead of "pred" to name the test form.

But a number of functions (including the sequence function) take a :TEST
keyword whose value is a predicate function, not a form.  So using the
words predicate/test to reflect the function/form distinction will still
be confusing.  We either need a third word or else should append "-form"
to anything that is a form.  Fixed in Lambda calculus.