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[Griss (Martin.Griss): Re: Common Lisp]

This is part of my response to Hedrick's last message. I guess I dont know
what JonL siad to him... I feel that I would be able to make more informed
decisions, and to interact more on Common LISP if I was on the mailing list.
I believe that PSL is pretty viable replacement for Standard LISP, and
maybe have some kernel for CL. We are on a course now that really wants us to
finish our current "new-LISP" and to begin using it for applications in next
2-3 months (eg NSF and Boeing support). I think having association with CL
would help some funding efforts, maybe ARPA, Schlumberger, etc.

Perhaps we could talk on phone?

Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1981 13:40:00 -0000
From: Griss (Martin.Griss)
Subject: Re: Common Lisp
cc: Griss
In-Reply-To: Your message of 21-Dec-81 1606-MST

   Some more thoughts. Actually, I havent heard anything "official" about
decisions on CommonLISP. RPG visited here, and I think our concerns that CL
definition was too large (even larger than InterLISP VM), helped formulate
a Kernel+CL extension files.  Clearly that is what we are doing now in PSL,
building on relatively successful parts of Standard LISP, such as compiler,
etc. (SL worked well enough for us, just didnt have resources to do more
then).  I agree that JonL's comments as relayed by you sound much more

  I would really like to get involved in Common LISP, probably do VAX and
68000, since I guess you seem to be snapping up DEC-20 market. I currently
plan to continue with PSL on 20, VAX and 68000, since we are almost done
first round. VAX 90% complete and 68000 partially underway. In same sense
that SYSLISP could be basis for your 20 InterLISP, I think SYSLISP and some
of PSL could be transportable kernel for CL.

I need of course to find more funding, I cant cover out of my NSF effort,
since we are just about ready to start using PSL. Ill be teaching class
using PSL on DEC-20 and VAX (maybe even 68000?) this quarter, get soem
Algebra and Graphics projects underway. I will of course strive to be as CL
compatible as I can afford at this time.