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adding to kernel

One of the features of Franz which we addressed early on in the
design for the VAX was how we would link to system calls in UNIX, and
provide calling sequences and appropriate data structures for use
by other languages (C, Fortran, Pascal).  An argument could be made
that linkages of this nature could be done by message passing, if
necessary; an argument could be made that  CL will be so universal
that it would not be necessary to make such linkages at all.  I
have not found these arguments convincing in the past, though in
the perspective of a single CL virtual machine running on many machines,
they might seem better.

I am unclear as to how many implementations of CL are anticipated, also:
for what machines;
who will be doing them;
who will be paying for the work;
how much it will cost to get a copy (if CL is done "for profit");
how will maintenance and standardization happen (e.g. under ANSI?);

If these questions have been answered previously, please forgive my