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Multiple values

It has now been a week since I suggested flushing the lambda-list
versions of the multiple value catching forms.  Nobody has leapt up to
defend these, so I take it that nobody is as passionate about keeping
these around as I am about flushing them.  Therefore, unless strong
objections appear soon, I propose that we go with the simple Lisp
Machine versions plus M-V-Call in the next version of the manual.  (If,
once the business about lexical binding is resolved, it is clear that
these can easily be implemented as special cases of M-V-Call, we can put
them back in again.)

The CALL construct proposed by Stallman seems very strange and low-level
to me.  Does anyone really use this?  For what?  I wouldn't object to
having this around in a hackers-only package, but I'm not sure random
users ought to mess with it.  Whatever we do with CALL, I would like to
keep M-V-Call as well, as its use seems a good deal clearer without the
spreading and such mixed in.

-- Scott