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I would like to clear up a misunderstanding that seems to be
prevalent.  The MIT Lisp machine system, used by Symbolics and LMI, is
probably going to be converted to support Common Lisp (which is the
motivation for my participation in the design effort for Common Lisp
clean).  Whenever this happens, Common Lisp will be available on
the CADR machine (as found at MIT and as sold by LMI and Symbolics)
and the Symbolics L machine (after that exists), and on the second
generation LMI machine (after that exists).

I can't speak for LMI's opinion of Common Lisp, but if MIT converts,
LMI will certainly do so.  As the main Lisp machine hacker at MIT, I
can say that I like Common Lisp.

It is not certain when either of the two new machines will appear, or
when the Lisp machine system itself will support Common Lisp.  Since
these three events are nearly independent, they could happen in any