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Okay, you hackers

I think that when GJC says that NIL/Macsyma runs the "X" demo, it
is kind of like the dog that plays checkers.  It is
remarkable, not for how well it plays, but for the fact that it plays at all.

(And I believe it is creditable [if] NIL runs Macsyma at all... I
know how hard it is, so don't get me wrong..)
Anyway, the stardard timings we have had in the past, updated somewhat:

MC-Macsyma, Vaxima and Lisp Machine timings for DEMO files
(fg genral, fg rats, gen demo, begin demo)
(garbage collection times excluded.)  An earlier version of this
table was prepared and distributed in April, 1980.  The only
column I have changed is the 2nd one.

MC Time	     VAXIMA    	128K lispm     192K lispm       256K lispm
4.119	   11.8   sec.  43.333 sec.     19.183 sec.    16.483 sec.
2.639	    8.55  sec.  55.916 sec.     16.416 sec.    13.950 sec.
3.141	   14.3   sec. 231.516 sec.     94.933 sec.    58.166 sec.
4.251	   13.1   sec. 306.350 sec.    125.666 sec.    90.716 sec.

(Berkeley VAX 11/780 UNIX (Kim) Jan 29, 1982,  KL-10 MIT-MC ITS April 9, 1980.)
Kim has no FPA, and 2.5meg of memory.  Actually, 2 of these times are
slower than in 1980, 2 are faster.

Of course, GJC could run these at MIT on his Franz/Vaxima/Unix system, and
then bring up his NIL/VMS system and time them again.