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Working Groups

At the Monterey Common Lisp Meeting a number of working groups were
established. They are considering the following topics:

Object-Oriented Programming
Error handling
Foreign Function-Call

The Charter working group is to establish the rules for making extensions
to Common Lisp. That is, this group will propose the bureaucratic structure
of Common Lisp for the future.

If you have already received an `Introduction' letter for one of these subgroups,
then you are already in that subgroup. If you did not and believe you ought to
be, please send mail to RPG@SAIL. Also, you should let me know about any other
interested parties who are not already on the COMMON-LISP mailing list.

Later I will be splitting the COMMON-LISP mailing list into a discussion
list and an implementation list. You should tell on which of these you
would like to be. The discussion list is primarily for users and random
discussion, and the implementation list is for implementors and other
interested parties to discuss issues.