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Common-LISP book questions and errors?

Right now, Common Lisp at SU-AI is indeed the proper mailing list for
implemenation questions.  Sometime soon, we plan to split this into
separate lists for designers/implementors and for the user community.
We also plan very soon to set up an online file where
previously-answered questions and their answers (plus any discussion)
will live, as well as a file containing all the current differences
between the manual and TRUTH.  This stuff will be announced on Common
Lisp when it is ready.

In general, any questions should be sent to the whole mailing list,
since such issues are likely to be of interest to the whole community,
and any answer received privately from just one individual will not be
reliable or official.  Of course, if the issue is merely a typo in the
manual with no semantic content, mail to STEELE@CMU-CS-C will suffice.

-- Scott